Policy Technical Support Committee


  • Identify policy needs to help advance Smart Grid technology
  • Provide a two-way link between Smart Grid technical committees and policy makers (including regulators, legislators, and government officials)


  • Provide information and tools to policy makers to help explain and address policy implications on Smart Grid technology evolution
  • Provide information and tools to policy makers to help convey Smart Grid applications and experience
  • Develop and maintain information on policy makers’ needs for Smart Grid functionality, along with responses from Smart Grid technical groups regarding issues and obstacles, if any, in providing such functionality
  • Help stakeholders make informed decisions on grid modernization and understand how policy affects grid modernization
  • Develop and maintain a list of desirable action items for policy makers to help accelerate smart grid implementation; policy implications will be developed in conjunction with IEEE-USA
  • Produce webinars, whitepapers, reports, and newsletter articles, as appropriate

To join as a Member, please email IEEE Smart Grid Project Manager Angelique Rajski-Parashis at a.rajski@ieee.org.