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IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter - April 2011

Solar on Campus

Perhaps the biggest drawback to renewable energy systems like wind generators or solar panel generation is the inability to schedule the wind and solar energy. Despite the difficulty, these intermittent sources need to be coordinated with the power system as more of them come online or go off line.

All Together Now: Cross-discipline Collaboration, IEEE P2030 and the Smart Grid

The IEEE P2030 Working Group's smart grid interoperability standard for IT operation and end-use applications has entered IEEE sponsor balloting. Its ratification as a standard—targeted for later this year—is only a hint of what power, communications and information technology (IT) engineers can accomplish when working together.

How Should Measurement Uncertainties Be Expressed in a Smart Grid Scenario?

The estimation of measurement uncertainties in power flow analysis is not merely a challenging and interesting theoretical problem; it has important consequences for power system stability. Depending on which standardized procedures are followed, estimation of combined uncertainties can vary by a factor of almost two.

Combining Three Regional Grids into One US-Wide Grid

Right now, the US grid is actually three separate regional grids: the Eastern Interconnection, the Western Interconnection and the Texas Interconnection—or ERCOT (for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas). A convergence of new technologies and developments in the US energy infrastructure is making it possible, for the first time, to seek to link the nation's three major electricity grids into a single, more resilient grid that can support more renewable power.

About the Smart Grid Newsletter

A monthly publication, the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter features practical and timely technical information and forward-looking commentary on smart grid developments and deployments around the world. Designed to foster greater understanding and collaboration between diverse stakeholders, the newsletter brings together experts, thought-leaders, and decision-makers to exchange information and discuss issues affecting the evolution of the smart grid.


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