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Video Tour of the Community Summit Process

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Customer Engagement Case Studies

We will continue to be on the look out for more case studies that specifically address proactive and effective customer engagement.

Worcester Community Summit: A Game-Changing Experience describes how a community summit was used to inform National Grid's outreach and education plan, support their pilot filing, and align community goals and leaders with the utility's Smart Grid objectives. Read a case study prepared for this site and DOE best practice initiatives.

Salt River Project: The Persistence of Choice describes how this municipal utility has developed a culture of listening to the customer, supporting employee involvement in non-profit volunteer activities, and reaching out to consumers in multiple ways. Read a narrative case study published by the Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid, 2012.

PowerCentsDC: A Model for Stakeholder Collaboration describes the opportunities that occur when utilities, regulators, unions, and consumer advocates are working together to support their community.  The process gives insights as to what will be possible as these groups join forces with other community-based organizations on steering committees.  Read a narrative case study published by the National Action Plan Coalition, 2011.  Or watch a video version underwritten by SMPPI (the non-profit that managed the pilot) that includes reactions from customer participants. Lessons Learned on Consumer Engagement has good recommendations about current practices. It does illustrate the inherent limitation of backward-looking research when trying to support development and adoption of innovative technologies when new approaches can add value. Summits complement the best practices noted in this study because utility execs from various levels have the opportunity to interact on energy-related topics with diverse groups of customers over the course of 2-3 days. The live exchanges put all the market research into perspective.

Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative published (2013) Smart Grid Customer Engagement Success Stories about CenterPoint Energy, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison.  There is a $75 fee for non-members to purchase the report.