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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications

The event will start on: Nov 03, 2014
And will end on: Nov 06, 2014

This event will provide a forum to discuss all aspects that are relevant to smart grid communication and information technologies, bringing together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and government institutions, with backgrounds in communication, energy, control, signal processing, and information systems to exchange ideas, explore enabling technologies, discuss innovative designs, and share field trial experiences and lessons learned.

The evolution of today’s electricity grids into smart grids is a key element for the sustainable economic, environmental and societal growth worldwide. The migration to smarter grids requires the integration and exploitation of information and communication technologies. However, it is not obvious which communication technologies will be integrated into electricity grids and in what way. Communication systems need to be seen as part of a larger system of systems, including in particular energy, control, and information processing systems to support two-way energy flows, the automatic management of power outages, the integration of renewable energy sources and allowing the consumers to play an active role in energy production and consumption. The overlap of disciplines is part of the specific challenge and appeal of smart grid communications research and development.

SmartGridComm 2014 will feature an interesting technical program that will include keynote speakers, technical sessions, workshops and panels. The call for papers is open and we invite you to submit your paper contribution to one of the five symposia.