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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

IGST 2010 Europe (IEEE Power & Energy Society Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Gothenburg 2010)

The event will start on: Oct 11, 2010
And will end on: Oct 13, 2010

Early bird registration for the first Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) Europe will close August 31. The conference will be held October 11-13, 2010. The conference is being sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) and hosted by Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Conference will be a forum for the participants to discuss the state-of-the-art innovations in smart grid technologies. A special tutorial session will be held on Sunday October 10 prior to the opening of conference on October 11.

An Estimated 150 Papers will be presented on these subjects:

  • Standards for smart grid and grid codes
  • Regulatory aspects and market operations
  • Cyber and physical security systems and Information and Communication Technology
  • System and component reliability and diagnostics
  • Intelligent monitoring and outage management - self healing grids
  • AC and DC transmission- and distribution systems - planning, operation and security
  • Protection and phasor measurement unit applications
  • Grid integration of renewable energy sources
  • Use and control of power electronic controllers and energy storage
  • Grid solutions for plug-in vehicles and low-carbon transportations
  • Sensors, communication and advanced metering infrastructure
  • Energy management and efficiency and end user benefits

Conference Package

The registration fee for IEEE ISGT Europe 2010 delegates entitles the participants:

  • to attend the conference sessions and to participate in the discussions (tutorials with additional fee)
  • to attend the technical tours
  • to receive a memory stick, including all papers presented during the technical sessions
  • to receive a participation list
  • to receive the conference bag with individual kit, handed out upon arrival at the conference
  • to daily refreshments during morning and afternoon breaks
  • to daily lunches
  • to attend the Informal Reception
  • to attend the Welcome Reception at the City Hall of Gothenburg
  • to attend the Gala Dinner

The registration fee for the IEEE ISGT Europe 2010 accompanying persons entitles the participants to join the Social Program which includes:

  • to attend the Informal Reception
  • to attend the Welcome Reception at the City Hall of Gothenburg
  • to attend the Gala Dinner

Day 1 will begin will begin with welcome addresses followed by opening day Keynote Speeches as listed below.

Opening Day Welcome Addresses:

  • Lina Bertling, ISGT Europe 2010 Conference Chair
  • Alan Rotz, IEEE Power & Energy Society President
  • Karin Markides, Chalmers University of Technology President
  • Niklas Wahlberg, CEO Lindholmen Science Park

Opening Day Keynote Speeches:

  • "Networks as the Enabler for the New Energy World", Anders Olsson, Senior Vice President, Business Division, E.ON Sweden AB
  • "Smart Grid Applications and Recent Deployments", John D. McDonald, Director, Technical Strategy and Policy Development, GE Energy

Technical Tours

All registered participants and accompanying persons are welcome to join the IEEE ISGT Europe 2010 technical tours.

Technical Tour 1

National Metrology in Sweden, Electrical Quantities and Time
Host: SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Place: Borås
Aim: A demonstration of National Metrology in Sweden, electrical quantities and time
Short description: Visitors will be given a tutorial about Metrology in general and National Metrology in Sweden in particular. The SP activities in the fields of electricity and time will be demonstrated by laboratory tours. Several opportunities will be given for discussions with the metrology experts of each laboratory.

Technical Tour 2

The World's Smartest Substation? A PC controlled 130/40 kV Substation
Host: Vattenfall AB
Place: Ulricehamn
Aim: A demonstration of a PC controlled 130/40 kV substation
Short description: The PC controlled substation will be demonstrated. The substation control system provides basically the same functionality as the old systems, plus several new functions such as Transient Fault Recorders, Event recorders, impedance protection at 40 kV, busbar protection, and power quality measuring.

Technical Tour 3

ZigBee City: Smart Metering and the Experiences from Göteborg Energi
Host: Göteborg Energi
: Gothenburg
Aim: A demonstration of the AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) at Göteborg Energi.
Short description: Smart meters and the infrastructure for meter communication is one of the most important cornerstones in a smart grid. Visitors will be given information about functionality of the advanced smart meters, how they are used today, and the plans for future.

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