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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

2010 Consumer Side Of The Meter LIVE Webinar

The event will start on: Oct 15, 2010
And will end on: Oct 15, 2010

Live on October 15, 2010 at 11:00am EDT
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Brian Markwalter, Consumer Electronics Association
Tariq Samad, Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions

The smart grid encompasses the supply chain and value chain of tomorrow's electricity infrastructure. Although much of the smart grid buzz today is focused on smart meters and their use for utility communications, it is in consumers' premises, whether homes, commercial buildings, or industrial facilities, that the ultimate value of electrical power is realized. This webinar, presented by two members of the Governing Board of the U.S. Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, will discuss issues related to smart grid development and deployment with a specific focus on commercial, industrial, and residential facilities. New technology developments, communication and control architectures, cybersecurity implications, and the importance of standards will be covered.

The "smart grid" term is new, but successes with smart-grid-like applications are being realized today, especially in commercial and industrial sectors. Several of these will be described. Developments in home area network architectures will also be discussed. Although each end-use sector has specific requirements, the webinar will highlight cross-cutting—e.g., consumer choice, customer access to and ownership of consumption data, and use of existing communication infrastructure.

An online question-and-answer session will be included. The webinar will be broadcast live and will be archived on this site.