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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

Smart Grid World Forum 2010-Belgium

The event will start on: Dec 02, 2010
And will end on: Dec 03, 2010

IEEE Smart Grid World Forum, A unique series of events that form a global platform for collaboration of stakeholders worldwide to support and promote the evolution of Smart Grid. IEEE Smart Grid World Forum provides the framework for the exchange of ideas and sharing best practices in different existing views and multiple approaches to Smart Grid.

The first event will be held in Brussels, Belgium on 2-3 December. Entitled the Evolution of the Grid, the focus of this event will be on the actual realization of Smart Grid. This two-day event will feature 20+ invited speakers, with presentations and discussions. It will bring together a wide international perspective as well as perspectives from different technical aspects, including standards. Organized in partnership with the European Smart Grid Technology Platform this event will bare an emphasis on Smart Grid developments in Europe.