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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

EEM 2011 (The International Conference on the European Energy Market 2011)

The event will start on: May 25, 2011
And will end on: May 27, 2011

1. Electricity market policies, structures and rules

Structure of electricity markets, Integration of electricity markets, Mergers and acquisitions, Energy policies, Security of supply, Power generation strategic planning, Regulation of transmission and distribution systems, Capacity and ancillary services markets, Market power and market strategies, Electricity markets modelling and simulation, Market monitoring

2. Transmission and distribution systems

System operation planning in market environment, Network congestion management, Ancillary services, Real time balancing, Inter TSO compensation, Crossborder trading and tariffs, Nodal pricing, Cost of losses, Power quality, Unbundling of distribution business, Last resort suppliers, Smart grid pricing, Long term grid planning

3. Power generation and renewable energies

Innovative generation technologies, Impact of renewable energies and distributed generation on networks, Real costs of renewable energies and DG development, Imbalances caused by renewable energies and DG, Local balancing areas, Local balancing markets, Trading imbalances, Incentives to investment in renewable energies and DG, Impact of renewable energies and DG on security of supply, Energy storage, Power plants, emission trading and CO2 mechanisms

4. Towards a fully functioning IEM

European regulation, Investments in the transmission system, Impact of new technologies on IEM (FACTS/HVDC), Merchant investments, Incentives for investments, Unbundling: ISO, TSO or ITO?, Cross-border issues, International coordination and co-operation, Stakeholders vision on future power systems

5. Gas, carbon and financial markets

Natural gas markets, CO2 emissions trading, CDM and JI, Green certificate markets, Risk management in energy markets, Futures, forwards and others derivatives in energy markets, Influence of the financial crisis on the energy market