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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

ICSGCE 2011 (Smart Grid & Clean Energy Technologies 2011)

The event will start on: Aug 27, 2011
And will end on: Aug 30, 2011

Smart Grids describes a wide range of developments that make power grids more intelligent and flexible than they are nowadays. Smart grids have been defined as “electricity networks that can intelligently integrate the behavior and actions of all users connected to it - generators, consumers and those that do both – in order to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity supplies.” Integrated Smart Grid solutions combine advanced sensing technology, two-way high-speed communications using the utilities assets and continuous monitoring to provide location-specific, real-time actionable data that can increase the speed of restoration after an interruption, facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid and empower the consumer with tools for optimizing their energy consumption. Developing the Smart Grid will help the world manage demand growth, conserve energy, maximize asset utilization, and improve grid security and reliability. And the economic, environmental, and societal benefit of Smart Grids will be enjoyed by generations to come.