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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

IEEE TTM 2011 (IEEE Technology Time Machine 2011)

The event will start on: Jun 01, 2011
And will end on: Jun 03, 2011

The IEEE Technology Time Machine, you cannot afford to miss it!: June 1-3 Hong Kong

What is the scope and background of the IEEE TTM?
IEEE Future Directions is sponsoring a high level thought leadership event to discuss revolutionary technology platforms that will change our lives in the next decade. This event brings together world renown speakers who are experts in their respective disciplines. TTM is designed to be highly interactive for both the speakers and attendees. It contains a mix of distinguished keynotes, platform presentations, panel discussions, and mixers all designed to raise awareness.

This is a first time IEEE event of its kind and you have a unique opportunity to be part of this and shape technologies future for the benefit of mankind. IEEE, the speakers, and the attendees will break new ground together.

Who Should Attend?
This event is intended to bring together world leaders from Industry, Government, and Academia to discuss technologies that in the next decade will change the world as we know it today. IEEE has assembled leading experts who will discuss where these technologies are headed. Working together IEEE and the TTM attendees will chart out new frontiers.

What Technology Topics will be discussed at TTM?
TTM will cover a wide cross section of technological advances that are in IEEE headlights and discuss advances that are needed to develop realizable solutions. TTM will discuss: Cloud Computing, Future wireless, Mobile and Silicon Technologies, Biomedical Engineering and E-Health, Smart Grid, Energy Harvesting, Digital Content, Carbon Nanostructures and the Internet of Things. Many of these technologies have co dependencies which will be further developed by the interactions taking place at the event.

To see more and to register for TTM
Please go to

In Conclusion:
The conference organizers have assembled a set of world renowned experts making the IEEE Technology Time Machine (IEEE TTM) a truly unique opportunity to network with worldwide industry, government and academic leaders.
The early bird May 7, 2011 deadline for IEEE TTM registration is fast approaching. If you miss this there is still an opportunity to register.
IEEE TTM will be held June 1-3 at the Sheraton Hotel in Hong Kong.