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ESMO 2011 (International Conference on Transmission & Distribution Construction, Operation and Live-Line Maintenance 2011)

The event will start on: May 16, 2011
And will end on: May 19, 2011

In May 2011, utility professionals from more than 40 countries will converge in Providence, Rhode Island for the IEEE Power & Energy Society’s 12th International Conference on Transmission & Distribution Construction, Operation and Live-Line Maintenance (ESMO 2011). ESMO 2011 is devoted to the practical, hands-on aspects of construction, operation, maintenance and safety of overhead and underground transmission and distribution lines, including substations.

The program spans four days, featuring two days of outdoor field demonstrations and exhibits and a two-day technical program combined with an indoor exhibit area. Attendees will gain the knowledge and expertise required to effectively build, operate and maintain the world’s power-delivery systems.

This important event will be held at the Rhode Island Convention Center from Monday, May 16 to Thursday, May 19, 2011. As host utility for ESMO 2011, National Grid will hold outdoor demonstrations and exhibits at outdoor facilities at Quonset Point in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

ESMO 2011 is unique in its concept and approach. It is both an indoor display and exhibit combined with an active outdoor demonstration area. All attendees will be able to attend indoor exhibit and technical and panel sessions on Monday, May 16 and Wednesday, May 18.

On Tuesday, May 17 and Thursday, May 19 attendees will attend outdoor demonstrations at an outdoor site hosted by National Grid where they will be able to engage in discussions and observations of outdoor displays and demonstrations offered by leading manufacturing companies serving the industry.

As a manufacturer of equipment and a provider of services to the domestic and international utility enterprise, ESMO 2011 is an event that cannot be overlooked. ESMO 2011 can provide you with a forum to advance your sales and marketing objectives. It can enhance your company’s image and product penetration with companies that require solutions to their most pressing problems. ESMO can mean real orders and revenue enhancement now. Register your company now for the best booth location.

The outdoor demonstration site features transmission and distribution lines; and substation facilities, including power transformers. The outdoor demonstration portion of the conference will feature work on transmission and distribution lines, substations, and activities that are focused on construction techniques, safety demonstrations, operations activities, right-of-way management techniques and an equipment and heavy equipment display area. The outdoor demonstration program truly makes this conference a one-of-a kind event.

Paper Submissions

ESMO 2011 offers the opportunity to submit a technical abstract for consideration by the peer review committee. Abstracts are due October 22, 2011 with full papers due November 15, 2011. The technical program will highlight the latest advancements in the construction, operation and maintenance of power-delivery systems and will examine new methods and procedures designed to maintain the power-delivery system at optimum levels.

Call for Papers Information: Attendees interested in presenting a paper or participating in a panel may access the event website at and complete the Call for papers form or email Bob Oswald at Power Engineers Inc., at or phone 1-623-476-7891.

Attendees at ESMO seek real-world solutions to power-delivery problems. The event allows power-delivery professionals to attend conference sessions and immediately seek out exhibitors whose products can offer solutions to their problems. The conference has attracted a high level of intent forms for individual paper presentations from contributors around the world. In addition to the individual papers, panel sessions are being organized by industry experts highlighting the latest advancements in this segment of the electric power industry.

Authors and panelists are being solicited on the following topics: grid and substation security, grounding techniques, transmission line restoration, environmental/permitting issues, right-of-way management programs, wood pole management and testing, fiber optic installation and maintenance, avian/ bird protection, wood crossarm testing, conductor inspection, live-line work in substations, implementing a voltage upgrade, emergency response, storm restoration, composite structures, management of overhead line assets, maintenance in an ISO environment, merchant transmission projects, double circuiting, corrosion of steel, joint use of structures, training, contractor safety, corrosion and aging problems/solutions, facility life extension, outsourcing and maintenance activities, protective clothing issues.

Panel Sessions at Previous ESMO Events

Avian/bird Protection, Grid and Substation Security, Uprating, Re-rating, Upgrading and Reconductoring Transmission Lines, Live Line Work in Substations, Outsourcing of Maintenance Activities, Emergency Response, Merchant Transmission Projects, New Technologies for Monitoring Line Conditions, Power Delivery Contributions to the Reliability Mission, Rebuilding Lines and Substations in Adverse Conditions, Maintenance in an ISO/RTO Environment, Wood Pole Management and Testing, Double Circuiting, Composite Structures, Management of Overhead Line Assets, Contractor Safety, Induction-How it Affects Construction and Maintenance.

Paper Presentations at Previous ESMO Events

Protective Grounding Methods and Requirements on Distribution Line Wood Pole Construction, How to Implement a Protective Clothing Program That Works, Induced Voltage in Parallel Transmission Lines Caused by Electric Field Induction, Safety of the Personnel Working on Multi-Circuit Power Overhead Lines, Improving the Design of Guyed Structures for a Transmission Line, Wood Utility Poles-The Risk and the Solution, Effects of Harmonic Neutral Currents on Multi-Grounded Distribution Systems, Vehicle Grounding for De-energized Work, The Bulk Power Transmission System-How It Really Works, Aerial Survey of EHV Lines, Development of an Automatic Inspection Robot for Live-Line Insulators, Corrosion and Electromagnetic Field Coupling, Inspection for Corona and Arcing, and Fiber Optic Installation and Maintenance.

Outdoor Transmission Demonstrations at Previous ESMO Events

Register your Outdoor Demonstration by accessing the ESMO website and completing the Outdoor Demonstration forms.

Proposed outdoor demonstrations are listed in the paragraphs below. Attendees are encouraged to visit the ESMO website at for an ongoing update of outdoor exhibits and demonstrations: Installing an Aerial Marker Ball by Helicopter on an Overhead Ground Wire, Raising the Phase-on Existing Transmission Structures Using Steel Trusses, Energized Insulator Changeout with a Robotic Arm, Installation of a Conductor Sleeve by Implosion, X-Ray of an Energized Transmission Line by Helicopter, Removal of a 115kV Crossarm and Replacement with Truss Arm, Wood Pole Fall Protection on a 115kV Training Structure and Self Rescue System, Dynamic Demonstration on the Breakage Behavior of Glass versus Porcelain Suspension Insulators, Measure of Corrosion on a Transmission Wire, Suspending V-string Glass Insulators and Emergency Restoration and Installation of a Structure.

Outdoor Distribution Demonstrations at Previous ESMO Events

Mini-digger Derrick Pole Set and Transformer Replacement, Silicone Injection of Underground Distribution Cable, Simulated Changeout of a Crossarm, Underground Cable Pull, Removing and Installing Underground Cable, Animal Mitigation, Insulator Coating, Fall Protection and Voltage Detectors and Indicators on an Energized Line, Evaluating Wood Structures Using an Imaging Platform, Use of Hot Stick Line Tools, Instruments and Grounding.

Outdoor Substation & Equipment Demonstrations at Previous ESMO Events

Imaging to Detect Corona and Arcing Using Ultra Violet Technology with a Camera Mounted on a Tripod, Monitoring of SF6 Gas Leaks on a Substation Breaker, Live Switchyard Demonstration of Phasing at Transmission Voltage Using Wireless Phasing Voltmeter, Power Factor Testing, Installation of Ground Rod Techniques, Exothermic Welding of Electrical Ground Connections, Lightning and Surge Protection, Simulated Battery Testing for Substations, Installation of Ground Rod Techniques, Telescoping Aerial Devices and Live Line Aerial Device with a Rotating Platform.

Hotels: Attendees can also make their hotel reservations by completing the hotel reservation forms. The hotels can be found on the ESMO website. For further ESMO details attendees are invited to call Bullseye International Group Inc. at 913-663-1112 or fax 913-663-1119.