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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

Spectrum ETF 2011-Event 1 (Emerging Technology Forum-Silicon Valley’s Impact on the Automotive Industry)

The event will start on: Oct 04, 2011
And will end on: Oct 04, 2011

Live event (300- 400 attendees) recorded and promoted through IEEE Spectrum to 400,000 IEEE members as a webcast.

IEEE Spectrum ETF team contact information

Susan Hassler, Editor in Chief IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum
Marion Delaney, Associate Publisher/Sales Director, 1 415 863 4717

Event Planning & Marketing
Blanche McGurr, 1 212 419 7579

Online Marketing
Ruchika Anand, 1 212 419 7765

Advisory Panel
Russ Lefevre, Adjunct Professor Physics and Electrical Engineering University of North Dakota President IEEE-USA 2008 Chair, TAB FDC Electric Vehicles Steering Committee
Bill Williams- IEEE USA
Kim Parnell- IEEE SCV Section Chair 2011
Roxsana Hadjizadeh – IEEE SCV Section Chair 2009
Brian Berg - IEEE SCV Section Vice Chair 2011
Karl Mathia - IEEE SCV Section Treasurer
Ed Aoki - IEEE SCV Section Secretary


Intro & Overview
Brian Wynne, President of the Electric Drive Transportation Association
Industry Analyst
John Voelker, editor, &
Industry Perspective
Martin Eberhard
Marc Tarpenning Founders of Tesla Motors.
Industry Challenges
Don Hillebrand, Director, Center for Transportation Research Argonne Labs