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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

PART 3: A Grand Vision For Smart Grid

By Wanda K. Reder

Extending Smart Grid’s Services and Benefits to all Markets

The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was a significant, recent investment in advancing smart grid technologies; however it is only the very beginning of a long journey ahead. The purpose of the ARRA was to start a grid modernization movement by funding smart grid pilot and demonstration projects. The ARRA provided $3.4 billion in federal stimulus monies, which were matched with $4.6 billion in private funding, to support 99 projects that are deploying smart grid technologies, tools, and techniques for electric transmission, distribution, advanced metering, and customer systems.

Part 2: A Grand Vision for Smart Grid

By Wanda K. Reder

Smart Grid Introduces New Technologies and Services to Address these Trends

There is relief in sight, however: The smart grid will introduce transformative technologies and services to meet these very important market needs.

The smart grid will improve customer power reliability and power quality by employing network-connected sensors throughout the grid to anticipate and respond to outages in real time and nearly instantly. Smart grid technologies will substantially minimize the number and duration of outages so that services will be more robust and available.

Part 1: A Grand Vision for Smart Grid

By Wanda K. Reder

The U.S. economy is healthier today than it has been in recent years, and it is now time to position the country for prosperity. One of the most promising opportunities we have to further bolster the country’s economic vitality is to push ahead with electric grid modernization investments that bring smart grid to reality.

Smart Grid And The Consumer

By Erich W. Gunther, IEEE Fellow and Chairman and CTO EnerNex

Smart Grid technology is important, but educating the public about what it does and how it can help them is critical. Utilities need to ensure that their investors and their customers understand that Smart Grid is neither a luxury nor a science experiment. All should be made aware that the purpose of Smart Grid is to minimize the cost of energy as we move forward by giving us the time we need to replace our aging infrastructure, which is already failing in some places.

Smart Grid 201: A Revolutionary Vision

By Erich W. Gunther, IEEE Fellow and Chairman and CTO EnerNex, and Doug Houseman, VP Technology Innovation

The next-generation smart grid represents not only a multi-layer engineering challenge of historic proportions but also a significant change in the way utilities have conducted business over many decades.

Smart Grid 101 with Erich Gunther

By Erich W. Gunther, IEEE Fellow and Chairman and CTO EnerNex

The electrical grid has been described as the most complex machine ever built. It has also been described as a system that Thomas Edison would recognize because many of the components are fundamentally the same as they were in his day. The next-generation smart grid is bringing about both evolutionary and revolutionary impacts.