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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

Video Tour of the Community Summit Process

Promote the Idea


Build Internal Support


Build Interest Among
Community Partners


Co-create the Future


Promote Local Innovation


Inspire Action

Exploring Options

Roadmap to Creating a Summit

Getting started

This section will suggest ways for a champion to get a few colleagues on board who will share the enthusiasm.

Case statement

This section gives some examples and suggestions about how to learn what is key for your situation.

Building a team

These individuals will be drawn from throughout the community and should be representative of a range of perspectives including business and civic, university, and non-profit leaders.

IEEE Resources

In this section hear from members who have become involved and what programs and resources can support momentum building and on-going activities.

Volunteer roles

These sample job descriptions will help summit organizers recruit and IEEE members learn about how they can get involved during pre-, during, and post-summit activities


Best and Next Practices

Summits in context

Summits, workshops, and other face-to-face experiences amplify the effectiveness of traditional tactics and communication channels.


View relevant articles, and examples of social media, crowdsourcing, contests, gamefication, initiative portals, green button apps.

Customer engagement case studies

Annotated links to case studies of great consumer engagement

Sustainability documentaries

Links to relevant documentaries that showcase sustainable solutions

Explaining Smart Grid

Various groups and coalitions provide resources that explain how the smart grid is part of the future of energy. We provide links to presentations and talks that may prove helpful to your own efforts.