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IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter - February 2014

Good Prospects for Smart Grid Job Seekers

Our latest smart grid hiring survey finds that it is still a seller’s market: Companies are having to offer more in terms of salary and bonuses to obtain the recruits they want and need; at the same time, they are expecting more of candidates—both those coming straight out of school and those with some professional experience.

Telecommunications Needs for Distributed Generation

The best policy in distribution planning is to anticipate telecommunications requirements and plan comprehensively. The costs of not doing so can include installation of incompatible or redundant systems, an inability to scale systems up and excessively difficult or expensive maintenance. Failing to plan properly might as well be planning to fail.

Distribution Utilities at a Crossroad

Globally, distribution utilities are rapidly incorporating standards-based smart grid protection and control technologies into their asset base. But they and their regulators still face challenges in terms of marketing products and seeing them accepted by consumers. So smart grid rollouts and trials can no longer be viewed as just “business-as-usual”—new models and regulatory frameworks are required.

Utility X.0

Although tomorrow’s Utility X.0 will still depend heavily on central generation plants, it will also include more renewable generation, storage, distributed generation and electric vehicles. Utility X.0 will need to manage such widely distributed systems, more participants and two-way flows of electricity and information.

About the Smart Grid Newsletter

A monthly publication, the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter features practical and timely technical information and forward-looking commentary on smart grid developments and deployments around the world. Designed to foster greater understanding and collaboration between diverse stakeholders, the newsletter brings together experts, thought-leaders, and decision-makers to exchange information and discuss issues affecting the evolution of the smart grid.


Heather AnusbigianHeather Anusbigian has directed the research, marketing strategy and product development initiatives for A. Cullen & Associates, Inc. since 2011.
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Jim McClanahanJim McClanahan , an IEEE member, is a senior principal in the energy and utilities practice of West Monroe Partners.
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Nirmal-Kumar C. NairNirmal-Kumar C. Nair is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.
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Jake Z. ZhangJake Z. Zhang, a graduate student member of IEEE, has completed his Conjoint Degree of B.E. (Hons) in Electrical Engineering and B.Com.
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Nicholas Abi-SamraNicholas Abi-Samra , an IEEE Senior Member since 1983, is a Senior Vice President at DNV GL.
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