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IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter - July 2011

China's Approach to the Smart Grid

Connecting widely separated generation and loads by means of ultra-high-voltage transmission and adapting a relatively rigid generation structure to accommodate intermittent wind and solar necessarily take precedence in Chinese planning. But incorporation of digital communications into transmission also visualized under the rubric of what China is calling a "strong" smart grid.

Lessons Learned from Field Deployments

Every day, our understanding of the smart grid as a "system of systems" evolves and improves and, therefore, so does the smart grid. Few things, if any, have helped foster our understanding more than the lessons learned through actual field deployments.

What the Smart Grid Means-and Doesn’t Mean-for India

The urgent power system needs in India are not necessarily the same as those in advanced industrialized countries. The same goes for the most important power system constraints. Generally, not all smart grid technologies are equally relevant worldwide. In India, the really useful technologies will be those that help constrain peak demand and peak load growth at reasonable cost while cutting losses.

The Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse

The Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse is a web portal for sharing and disseminating smart grid information, including background documents, deployment experiences, technologies, standards and on-going projects around the world. It is designed to serve as the first-stop shop for all smart grid information.

About the Smart Grid Newsletter

A monthly publication, the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter features practical and timely technical information and forward-looking commentary on smart grid developments and deployments around the world. Designed to foster greater understanding and collaboration between diverse stakeholders, the newsletter brings together experts, thought-leaders, and decision-makers to exchange information and discuss issues affecting the evolution of the smart grid.


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