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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

Video Tour of the Community Summit Process

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Build Internal Support


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Community Partners


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Inspire Action


The Microsite Template is built using Joomla, an open source content management system. Once you have an instance loaded on your servers, you can make edits to various elements including site colors, images and content.

Download Sample Microsite (.zip, 1.8 MB)

Following are video tutorials for editing the site once it is loaded to your server.

01-Admin Area - Overview

02-Changing Colors, Main Logo and Home Page Main Image

03-Editing Articles and Article Images

04-Editing FAQs, Event Details (Event Section)

05-Changing Footer Logos and Sidebar Modules


Download  Microsite Dimensions PDF (shows template and image sizes)


Adding the Interactive Map Located in the Resources Section

The map was created using Maptive, a service that generates custom Google maps. Contact them for licensing information and to create your own account.

Download Data Spreadsheet Template to be used with the custom Google Map. It includes both the Main and Sub Category Titles incorporated.


Video Resources

The video resources offered here are publicly available on Youtube. Download Video Resources.