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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

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Andres Carvallo

Andres CarvalloAndres Carvallo, an IEEE member, is executive vice president and chief strategy officer at Proximetry, a leading global virtual network management software platform provider for the energy, telecommunications and transportation industries, and is an advisor to Zpryme’s Smart Grid Insights Practice. Previously Carvallo held executive positions at, Austin Energy, Philips Electronics, Digital Equipment Corporation, Borland, and five start-ups since 1992. Andres started his career as a product manager for Windows at Microsoft in Redmond, Wash. He earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Kansas with a concentration in robotics and control systems, and completed executive studies in utility executive management at the University of Idaho, in business management at Stanford University, and in quality management at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

About the Smart Grid Newsletter

A monthly publication, the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter features practical and timely technical information and forward-looking commentary on smart grid developments and deployments around the world. Designed to foster greater understanding and collaboration between diverse stakeholders, the newsletter brings together experts, thought-leaders, and decision-makers to exchange information and discuss issues affecting the evolution of the smart grid.