January 2011

Written by Massoud Amin

Department of Energy data show that power outages have become more frequent and severe. What's more, as the grid becomes more interconnected and complicated, it also becomes more vulnerable to attack. Addressing those problems will be costly—but the payoff in terms of efficiency and energy savings will be huge.

Written by Massoud Amin

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter. The newsletter has a technical focus, taking into account the perspectives of both researchers and practicing engineers as the smart grid unfolds in all dimensions.

Written by Erich Gunther

The differences between the smart grid and the traditional grid are often described as high-tech versus low-tech. The real difference is between a highly optimized, slow-changing energy infrastructure and still developing, fast changing communications technologies. Integrating them is the challenge.

Written by Tariq Samad

Elements of the smart grid already are widely deployed in commerce and industry. Experience in those sectors shows that as homes are equipped with communications to regulate energy use, it will be essential for consumers to own and control their detailed power data, and to have direct meter access.

Written by Lee Stogner

The networking technology giant believes that digital communications will best be integrated into the existing electric delivery system by means of a highly secure, open-standards-based Internet Protocol platform.

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