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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

Video Tour of the Community Summit Process

Promote the Idea


Build Internal Support


Build Interest Among
Community Partners


Co-create the Future


Promote Local Innovation


Inspire Action

Checklists and Budget Templates

Download     Budget_template_metrics.xls
This spreadsheet includes budget estimates (based on prior summits) for promotion (costs of which are lowered due to IEEE's toolkit investment), production, logistics, F&B, speaker fees, and optional creative and project management support.  Expect to update it to reflect the size of your event and local variations.  The metrics table included allows you to quantify the impact of collaborating with partner organizations to develop diverse peer energy ambassadors and support targeted outreach to hard-to-find but receptive audience segments.


Download    Logistics_Checklist.docx
This checklist and shopping list for summit supplies makes it easier to organize everything you will need to manage, track and purchase to support an AI summit.


Download     Summit Staffing_template.xls
This spreadsheet and timeline identifies roles and shifts for support team throughout the event.  There may be adjustments based on what sort of display options are chosen.  IEEE volunteers can be recruited to be part of this group.