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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

Video Tour of the Community Summit Process

Promote the Idea


Build Internal Support


Build Interest Among
Community Partners


Co-create the Future


Promote Local Innovation


Inspire Action

Internal Education

There is information on the public side of the toolkit, including videos, that will help internal teams make the case to their colleagues and executive decision-makers.  In this section, we are providing additional PowerPoint presentations that you can download and modify for your use.

Download     IEEE_Summit_intro.ppt
This introductory presentation is designed to build support among a broader team of internal champions and place the summit in the context of other outreach activities.


Download     Decision_Support.pptx
This presentation is intended to help the host utility determine the timing and sequence of constructive engagement activities and consider costs and impact metrics.  This example has specific references to Pepco.


Download     Desired_Summit_Outcomes.doc
This strawman provides a starting point for your internal discussions of what your organization hopes to achieve with the summit.  We recognize that each group's needs and priorities will be different.  Ideally this discussion will allow internal champions to see the broad contributions possible from the experience and why the investment will deliver value.


Download     Summit FAQ.doc
This template for an FAQ can be personalized and shared as early as possible with the customer service team.  As people in the community begin to hear about the event, it will be important to have your first responders know what is happening.  The entire process should be transparent even if there is not room for every interested resident to participate.