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Video Tour of the Community Summit Process

Promote the Idea


Build Internal Support


Build Interest Among
Community Partners


Co-create the Future


Promote Local Innovation


Inspire Action

Momentum Building Plans

Promoting the summit should complement and add value to your other outreach activities. Active and transparent coordination with sponsor and steering committee organizations is strongly recommended.


Download     Momentum Building Plan_V1.doc
Here is a schedule and framework for pre-summit momentum building that assumes a 12-week planning cycle.  It is aggressive and can be adjusted if a different pace is required to suit your organization. Local event participation and press contacts, in particular, should be coordinated with the marketing, community outreach, and communications teams at host utilities.  Summits provide  positive news hooks and the opportunity to develop independent voices who value the contributions of the host utility.


Download     Postsummit_momentum.docx
One of the critical lessons learned from all the AI Summits, is that momentum from the summit will provide the greatest benefits if it carries through immediately.  While teams will need a well-deserved break after a major event, one should not wait too long to debrief the team and carry on with the next steps. This document is a modified progress report from the Worcester Summit that illustrates the kinds of activities that did and ideally will happen post-summit.