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Video Tour of the Community Summit Process

Promote the Idea


Build Internal Support


Build Interest Among
Community Partners


Co-create the Future


Promote Local Innovation


Inspire Action

Recruiting Tips and Tools

Getting the right people to support and attend your summit is a critical early step.  Begin by identifying key stakeholders in anticipation of establishing your summit steering committee. This exercise will also form the foundation for your summit invitation list. Building relationships with specific individuals and organizations can be a lengthy process and is well worth the planning and effort required as these relationships will have value far beyond the summit event.


Download     Stakeholder Identification.doc
This framework is based on work done by the DOE Customer Engagement Working Group, Stakeholder Relations Sub-Committee.  It provides guidelines on reaching out to statutory stakeholders, interested parties, and how to involve the various perspectives.


Download     Preliminary Invitation List.docx
This example shows how the stakeholder identification framework can be used to help identify and consider participants.  This strawman list was prepared for Pepco to help suggest individuals and groups who would be desirable to include.  One of the exercises by the steering committee is to identify and target the mix of affiliations or roles in the community (landlords and renters, small business owners and professionals, civic and business leaders, seniors and youth, etc.) who will represent varied perspectives and be influential with diverse sub-groups.  The steering committee members will also be asked to identify specific people and reach out to them directly to form a social network of key influencers.


Community-based Organizations (CBOs) are non-profits who work with different groups within a community.  They have the potential to be steering committee members, channel partners with various outreach programs, attendees of energy literacy workshops, and prospective grant recipients for energy ambassador programs.  Attached are two lists (one for DC and one for San Diego) to show the range of organizations who have demonstrated interest in helping their constituents become more energy aware.

Download     2012 SDGE_partners.docx  and    DC_CBOs.docx