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Video Tour of the Community Summit Process

Promote the Idea


Build Internal Support


Build Interest Among
Community Partners


Co-create the Future


Promote Local Innovation


Inspire Action

Production and Creative Support

A summit that reflects the community spirit and shared ownership is more likely to be successful than one that feels like an extension of the utility host's corporate marketing department.  Visual cues that synthesize and reference the co-hosts' brands are recommended as the way to reinforce brand identity.  Clean and simple graphics and production values keep costs down and reflect the grassroots tone we see as most effective.

Each steering committee will choose its own theme and tagline.  Therefore, we are providing past examples here with the understanding that each group will make the graphic substitutions and copy changes needed. The host can choose to make these changes in house or with other contracted resources.  We understand that budgets are tight and time is even tighter.

The following examples are from the Worcester Summit sponsored by National Grid.

Download SAMPLE_summit_invite_influencers.doc

Download SAMPLE_invite_general population.docx

Download SAMPLE_onepager.doc

Download SAMPLE_keyMessages.docx

Download SAMPLE_promo_flyer.pptx (size reduced and printed at Kinkos)

Download SAMPLE_post-summit involve.pptx (size reduced and printed at Kinkos)

Download SAMPLE_event_signage.pdf