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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

Solar could now supply the electricity demands of the entire US

Johnston has a plan to do just that cheaply with current technology by setting aside no more than the equivalent of one-hundred square miles in the desert southwestern US.  In a report titled Utility Scale Solar Systems, Johnston will present his concepts later this month when the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) unveils its world energy conference.  This major event is styled Innovative Technologies for an Efficient and Reliable Electricity Supply, and will be held at a hotel in Boston September 27 - 29.  The public is welcome to attend by registering at the website. 
Johnston says his concepts do not use the inefficient technology of photo voltaic, but proven methods currently in use on a smaller scale using a combination of solar heat collectors and hydro fluids.  Johnston explained the method and gave a preview of his concepts today by phone from his office in Boston, on the ScienceNews Radio Network program, the Promise of Tomorrow with Colonel Mason.  The broadcast originates in Dallas, Texas, and can now be heard at the website, archived for its world audience.
In the second half of the program Mark Scher, president of CG Power Solutions (formerly MSE Power), announced his firm is moving into the solar market.  Under Scher's guidance MSE Power has installed nearly 9,000 megawatts of wind energy, which is about 23% of the installed wind capacity in the US.  MSE Power was acquired two years ago by Crompton Greaves, a firm in India, and so recently changed its name to "strengthen its identity with the parent company" said Scher, who spoke on the program by phone from his office in Albany, NY.