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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

Strategic Considerations of Meter Data Management

By Bob Heile, IEEE’s 802.15 Working Group on Wireless Personal Area Networks, P2030 Work Group Task Force 3 and the ZigBee Alliance
Source: Electric Light & Power

Utilities around the globe see in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) tremendous and far-ranging potential—for empowering consumers to make more intelligent choices about their energy usage, reducing peak loads and thereby enhancing grid reliability, realizing new operational efficiencies and more.

Harnessing AMI’s remarkable promise, however, is no small consideration. The quantity of data being generated, collected and analyzed in an AMI-enabled world is orders of magnitude greater than what utilities have had to deal with before.

Consequently, meter data management (MDM) is revealing itself as an increasingly important topic for utilities as smart grid rollout intensifies worldwide.

In the excitement to realize the benefits that AMI and the smart grid’s promise, utilities can’t afford to rush through key strategic questions regarding MDM: What are the ramifications of introducing MDM across operations in storage and operational burden, for example? What is necessary to discern genuinely useful business intelligence from the unprecedented volume of raw data being put into play by AMI?

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