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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

Cyber Security Guidelines Released

New NIST cyber security guidelines released today provide a high-level view for securing the smart grid, providing the first such document for organizations tackling what is a top priority for all industry stakeholders, George Arnold, NIST national coordinator for smart grid interoperability, told us this week.  The final publication runs 700 pages and culminates years of work, he said.

The document drills down from the cyber security overview in the January 2010 “NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid

Interoperability Standards, Release 1.0,” Arnold noted.  The guidelines focus in on 137 interfaces -- points of data exchange or other types of interactions within or between different smart grid systems and subsystems.  These are assigned to one or more of 22 categories on the basis of shared or similar functional and security characteristics.

The Cyber Security Working Group (CSWG) formalized a mechanism for engaging with the Priority Action Plan (PAP) project

lifecycle.  Liaisons will ensure the PAPs are consistent with the CSWG cyber security requirements as outlined in the Guidelines

for Smart Grid Cyber Security (NISTIR 7628) .

Congratulations to the Cyber Security Working Group members who have worked diligently on this crucial document.

  • Click here to view the press release.
  • Click here to view guidelines document.

Reminder: Governing Board Convenes on September 9th

A reminder that the SGIP Governing Board will be holding a virtual meeting on Thursday, September 9th at 1p.m. Eastern.

Members are not required to attend. If interested, please register for the webinar and phone access by clicking here

SGIP Fall 2010 Meeting: September 14-16 at the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis We are only a few short days from the SGIP Fall 2010 Face-to-Face meeting. This is a key meeting for PAP and Committee teams to continue their great progress.

Please note due to the face-to-face meeting, the next PMO Public Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 12 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern.

Click here to register.

The SGIP Administrator has received several questions in regards to meeting access and attendance that we felt would be helpful to share with all members.

Q: The email notice sent out on August 30 refers to the “Required SGIP September Meeting” and includes the following statement: “Participating Members: Please note that having at least one Member Representative attend this meeting – remotely or in-person – is mandatory to remain in Good Standing and maintain Voting Rights.” Does missing this meeting result directly in a company losing “Good Standing” or does it just count as one of the “two meetings in a row” that cannot be missed?

A: It counts as one of the two meetings in a row. If a Member participated in every other plenary meeting, they would remain in “Good Standing.” Learn more.

Q: I am the Voting representative for my company and I plan to attend portions of the SGIP Fall meeting remotely, but not all of the meeting. Will this enable our company to stay in "Good Standing" as an SGIP member?

A: Yes. First, please know it does not need to be the Voting Representative for attendance to count. Any listed Member Representative can attend the September meeting. Second, remote participation is free and always available for SGIP meetings. As long as you or another Member Representative is able to join one of the sessions during the three days of the Fall meeting, it would count as meeting the attendance requirement. For agenda and remote access, click here.

Q: Just to clarify, to remain a participating member, Jones Company would need to participate in the Opening and Closing Plenary sessions at the September meeting?

A: No. While we strongly encourage attendance at these two sessions, particularly the Opening Plenary, as long as you or another Member Representative is able to join one of the sessions during the three days of the Fall meeting, it would meet the attendance requirement. For agenda and remote access, click here.

Q: We have previously submitted the names of four of our employees as Member Representatives on the SGIP. If we are represented at the St. Louis meetings (either in person or via teleconference) by someone not on that list, do we need to get the list updated with the SGIP Administrator in advance of the meeting?

A: Yes. The only people who can count are those Member Representatives previously submitted to us. You can do send these by Sept. 13th and they would be processed and counted. Please note the only people who can add or revise Member Representatives is the Voting Representative or Signatory Authority. Learn more.

Q: Do I still have to pay and register to attend the meeting remotely in order for it count for our meeting requirements?

A: No. SGIP provides remote participation free of charge for its meetings. To register for remote access, click here.

  • For in-person registration, click here.
  • For remote access, click here.
  • To review the entire agenda, click here.
  • To make your hotel reservation, call 314.241.9500 (mention “SGIP Fall Meeting”) or click here.

Contact SGIP Leadership and Administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . EnerNex Corporation serves as the SGIP Administrator under a NIST-awarded contract enabled by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. For more information, click here.