Date: First Quarter 2016
Electricity Today
Author: Dr. Massoud Amin

In a world where the microgrid market is forecast to grow to more than 4,000 megawatts in capacity by 2020, it’s become clear that policy and associate regulatory instruments are needed to achieve the full benefits of smart microgrids, and to enable them to be integrated into existing electricity distribution networks. IEEE Smart Grid Chair Dr. Massoud Amin provides an in-depth look into where microgrid implementations are happening today, where they might be headed for the future, business cases and job creation opportunities, and the importance of adopting standards to help create a regulatory environment that supports microgrid adoption and growth.

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Date: 7 March 2016

Smart Grid News interviewed a panel of experts to discuss the risks the electric grid can be exposed to, from natural disasters to hackers. High impact and low frequency events can do widespread damage to the grid. Panelists Jane Verner, Gary Hoffman and Ramsis Girgis--all with an IEEE affiliation--answered a number of questions that provided their insights on the magnitude of risks, how standards help power grid owners and operators protect the grid, and more.

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Enernex CTO reports at IEEE event on DER planning

The deployment of DER on power grids around the nation is happening much faster than most experts expected just a few years ago, and the tools needed adjust for the changes in many cases do not yet exist, Eric Gunther said yesterday in an IEEE webinar as the sole presenter. Some vendors will say their tools do everything but in his work as the chief technology officer of engineering consultancy Enernex, working with Southern California Edison (SCE) and others, Gunther knows the growing complexity of the grid requires multiple new tools and systems that will require R&D.

Date: 9 February 2016
Intelligent Utility

As part of its women-in-energy series, Intelligent Utility interviewed Sainab Ninalowo, smart grid engineer in the Smart Grid and Technology Group at ComEd (and also a driving force in the IEEE Power and Energy Society's Women in Power program). Sainab discusses her the state of the smart grid industry, women in engineering, STEM programs, her career with ComEd, and the forward-thinking path of the IEEE Power & Energy Society—particularly with the IEEE WiP program.

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Date: 1 February 2016
Electric Energy Online

As an IEEE Smart Grid Expert, Steve Collier knows a thing or two about the evolution and history of the U.S. grid and electric utility. In his Electric Energy Online article, Collier not only provides a thorough summary of the past but also what’s to be expected in the future. With the introduction of the Internet of Things and Big Data, the sky’s the limit… in terms of how the modern utility can become more modernized (and the power grid with it). Collier’s key term and differentiator is distributed energy resources (DER). While combining DER with new technologies and other new innovations—such as EVs, microgrids, and much more—the electric grid will soon become the grid of today, as we learn from the experiences of yesterday’s grid.

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