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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

Electricity Today - How to Save Aging Assets

Date: Jan/Feb 2015
Publication: Electricity Today

As many know and understand, the U.S. grid is aging--and this is not only a workforce issue but also an infrastructure problem. IEEE Smart Grid President and Expert Dr. Massoud Amin examines the growing demands of an aging grid and what it means for the future of U.S. utilities. Dr. Amin further investigates the issue as one that touches all elements of the economy, which underscores the importance of developing "sound strategies for controlling the symptoms of aging within the utility's overall business plan. Read more.

2014 T&D Year in Review: Wandering from a traditional to a modern, smarter grid

Date: November/December 2014
Publication: Electricity Today

Steven Collier's expertise in the world of smart grid takes a deep-dive into 2014's successes and failures--all focused on progressing from the traditional grid to a more modern, efficient grid. As Collier suggests, the power grid's "run to fail" mode is not sustainable and reliability continues to decline at a rate that electric utilities can no longer afford (and nor can the U.S. economy). But the optimal word is "progress," which exists in the advent of the Internet of Things, distribution management systems, renewable energy resources and more. Read more.

Intelligent Underground Distribution – Unearthing the Potential in Smart Grid Technologies

Date: April 2014
Publication: Electricity Today

This article looks at several of the issues that moving from overhead to underground need to confront and some of the ways that companies are starting to deal with making underground systems more intelligent as well as more resilient. It includes discussions about connecting to storage systems, distributed generation and other aspects of the smart grid. Read more (pages 26 – 32).

2014 year in Review, Wandering from a Traditional to a Modern, Smarter Grid

Date: Nov/Dec 2014
Publication: Electricity Today

IEEE's Steven Collier's article in Electricity Today Magazine entitled "2014 year in Review, Wandering from a Traditional to a Modern, Smarter Grid" discusses past and future elements and challenges of smart grid modernization, including aging assets, more intense weather, increased adoption of renewables, the move towards IoT and other technological innovations that will pave the way to the future. Read more (pages 38 – 44).

Moving Away From Central Power

Date: February 2014
Publication: Electricity Today

The “think globally, act locally” concept is completely in-step with today’s growing infatuation with microgrids—a small-scale power system that provides distributed generation, autonomous load centers and the ability to operate independently. And while microgrids might be the answer to many power problems around the world—such as access and reliability—they need to be managed and monitored closely. For microgrids to reach their optimal performance, the issues of security and resiliency enter the fray. It’s a technology to watch in 2014. Read more