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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

Writing Smart Grid Requirements

Date: February 2014
Publication: Electricity Today

The writing of Smart Grid requirements is no longer the work of an isolated group within the utility, merely spelling out its need for a new box. This article written by IEEE's John McDonald discusses how requirements today must reflect a forward-looking, holistic view of the utility’s technology roadmap and take into account the implications for business process and organizational change. It also takes a closer look at 16 foundational Smart Grid standards. Read more

The Green Smart Grid Report

Date: October 2013
Publication: Electricity Today

The integration of renewable resources for grid modernization is not the only contribution to sustainable energy practices. In this article, Doug Houseman, IEEE, EnerNex Corp. describes the many overlooked, smaller contributions to a greener grid. These smaller contributions, when added together, create a major impact. From extending the life of your refrigerator to needing fewer generators to storing excess generation, these are all benefits to consider when investing in the grid modernization of North America. This article does a great job describing the lesser-known benefits of grid modernization that will contribute to better, sustainable energy practices. Read more

Smart Grid & Green Technology Standards

Date: October, 2012
Publication: Electricity Today

A little smart metering here... A little distributed generation of renewable-energy sources there... and - voila - Smart Grid. Um, no. Read more

Extracting Value From Data: Moving forward with distribution automation and intelligent electronic devices

Date: May 2013
Publication: Electricity Today

As distribution systems are automated, intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) will continue to proliferate on the grid. John McDonald, director of technical strategy and policy development at GE Digital Energy discusses a major source of overlooked value: non-operational data generated from IEDs. John shares a process for which this data can be collected and translated into business intelligence for presentation to business owners. Read more