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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

Infographic: 5 Years Into the Microgrid Future

Publication: Government Technology
Date: December 4, 2012

Research commissioned by IEEE and conducted by Zpryme details how energy storage, distributed generation and microgrid technologies will evolve globally over the next five years due to rapid smart grid deployment. Read more

Technological Leadership Institute Director Envisions the Smart Grid

Publication: Government Technology
Issue: August, 2012

Massoud Amin is director of the University of Minnesota’s Technological Leadership Institute, an organization dedicated to forming connections between engineering, science, business and technology. Amin, a professor of electrical and computer engineering, recently was listed as a mover and a shaker in the smart grid industry by GreenTech Media. He is also chairman of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter. In an abridged email interview, Amin discusses the smart grid with Government Technology. Read more

Educating the Future Smart Grid Workforce

Publication: Government Technology
Issue: September, 2012

Not only is Massoud Amin a scholar and educator, he’s also considered the “father of the smart grid.” He’s a professor at the University of Minnesota, where he directs the Technological Leadership Institute, and he’s worked on research and development projects for a wide range of systems, including power grids, aviation and ground traffic control, Department of Defense logistic networks, and more. Read more