Past Webinars

2016-05-26 Renewable Generation Studies, Lessons Learned presented by Nelson Bacalao, Hugo Bashualdo and George Zhou Webinar - Online --
2016-05-12 Application of Microgrids and Distributed Generation presented by John McDonald Webinar - Online --
2016-04-28 Grid Modernization and DER Deployment, Lessons Learned and Future Directions presented by Avnaesh Jayantilal and Ethan Boardman Webinar - Online --
2016-04-07 HVDC Network, Transmission Level Smart Grid and Possible Enabler of Other Smart Grid Concepts​ presented by Dale Osborn​ Webinar - Online --
2016-03-24 DER Integration with the Electric Power System: Status update on IEEE 1547 Standard Revision and Utility Perspective presented by Dr. Babak Enayati Webinar - Online --
2016-03-10 Transactive Energy Systems with Steve Widergren, Koen Kok and Leigh Tesfatsion Webinar - Online --
2016-02-25 Distribution System Planning for Pervasive DER with Erich Gunther Webinar - Online --
2016-02-04 Questions and Answers on Storage and Vehicle Charging as Renewables Arrive with Mike Jacobs and Peter O'Connor Webinar - Online --
2016-01-28 Battery Energy Storage Systems: Grid Applications, Technologies, and Modelling with Dr. Saeed Kamalinia Webinar - Online --
2015-12-14 Distributed Energy Resources and Grid Modernization with Dr. Ali Ipakchi Webinar - Online --
2015-11-23 IEEE Standards Enable a Reliable, Secure, Interoperable Smart Grid with Steve Collier Webinar - Online --
2015-10-15 Using Customer Reliability Benefits to Support Business Cases for Smart Grid Investments with Josh Schellenberg Webinar - Online --
2015-09-24 Impacts of SGIG Consumer Behavior Studies of Time-Based Rates on Customer Acceptance, Retention and Response with Peter Cappers Webinar - Online --
2015-08-20 Learnings from Large-Scale Smart Grid Trials in the UK: “CLASS” and “My Electric Avenue" with Dr. Luis (Nando) Ochoa Webinar - Online --
2015-07-16 Smart Grid Research at NREL's Energy Systems Integration Facility by Dr. Ben Kroposki Webinar - Online --
2015-06-18 The Internet of Things (IoT): Advanced Smart Inverters for Solar & Distributed Energy by Frances Bell Webinar - Online --
2015-05-21 Smart Cities - How we will integrate the Smart Grid, Smart Transportation, Internet of Things with Smart People by Lee Stogner Webinar - Online --
2015-04-23 Application of a Transactive Energy Mechanism to Perform Ancillary Service by Chris Irwin Webinar - Online --
2015-03-26 Energy Storage for a Greener and More Resilient Grid by Dr. Imre Gyuk Webinar - Online --
2015-02-26 Electric Vehicles, the Smart Grid and the Internet of Things - How Everything will be Integrated in the Smart City of Tomorrow by Lee Stogner Webinar - Online --
2015-01-29 Smarter Citizens for Smarter Cities with Roberto Saracco Webinar - Online --
2014-12-18 Enabling Smart Grids: Energy Storage Technologies, Opportunities and Challenges with Lucia Gauchia Webinar - Online --
2014-11-13 Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid with Lee Stogner Webinar - Online --
2014-10-16 Putting a Value on Reliability: Iberdrola USA’s Distribution Automation Cost Benefit Analysis with Laney Brown Webinar - Online --
2014-09-11 IEEE National Assessment of CVR: Preliminary Results from DOE’s SVR Initiative with Kelly Warner Webinar - Online --
2014-08-14 Smart Grid: Concepts, Solutions, Standards, Policy, Recent Deployments and Lessons with John McDonald Webinar - Online --
2014-07-18 The Evolution of the Smart Grid – Part III with Steven Collier Webinar - Online --
2014-07-10 The Nexus of the Smart Grid and the Internet of Things with Steve Collier Webinar - Online --
2014-06-11 Technological Leadership, Local to Global Strategy with Massoud Amin Webinar - Online --
2013-11-14 Grid Technology for Enhanced Energy System Resilience with Erich W. Gunther Webinar - Online --
2013-08-22 The Evolution of the Smart Grid – Part IV with Steven Collier Webinar - Online --
2013-06-27 The Evolution of the Smart Grid – PART II with Steven Collier Webinar - Online --
2013-06-20 IT Innovations, Cyber-Physical Security and Cyber-Infrastructure Security with Massoud Amin Webinar - Online --
2013-06-06 The Evolution of the Smart Grid – PART 1 with Steven Collier Webinar - Online --