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IEEE: The expertise to make smart grid a reality

Global Humanitarian Electricity Initiatives Bridge Urban-Rural Divide

Currently, millions of people in rural regions lack basic electricity. Looking at hands-on case studies from South Asia and East Africa, it’s apparent that energy can serve as a tool for meeting humanitarian challenges. In devising power and energy solutions, often unconventional, a number of global humanitarian initiatives are helping local communities manage social transformation and bridge the urban-rural divide.

Rural Electrification, Microgrids and Renewables

Over 300 million people in India still do not have electricity, with 28,000 villages yet to be electrified. Challenges include the high cost of extending the power grid to these locations, the economic health of the utilities and lack of revenue in impoverished villages. India has an appetite for all kinds of creative solutions and is willing to be adaptive and adoptive. Numerous new initiatives are being implemented in the country and other regions by a variety of organizations.

Smart Living: Technology, Environment, and Security

Smart living increases our understanding of how people and technology interact by combining sensing with physical action, social behavior analysis, data analytics, engineering, technology, communication and decision-making into a single, integrated concept. But smart living is more than creating intelligent cities, homes and infrastructure – it’s designing systems people can and will use.

Smart Cities: An Indian Perspective

Cities today are challenged with a competitive landscape as they are tasked with managing population growth, increasing energy demand and decreasing budgets, all while complying with aggressive local and international environmental regulations. Greenhouse gas emission reductions, improved energy and fuel usage and the impact of climate change demand cities design resilient energy networks for greater awareness of consumption.