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P1595 - Standard for Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Emission Credits from Small Hydro and Wind Power Projects, and for Grid Baseline Conditions

The Standard is intended to cover the measurement and quantification of CO2 reductions for emissions credits for specific renewable generation projects in the electricity supply industry, namely Wind Power and Small Hydro. This requires a "e;cradle to grave"e; project life-cycle approach and also the consideration of the Grid Base-line conditions to assess the reduction in emissions from the grid generation displaced by the "e;clean"e; power and energy from the project. Natural Resources Canada have agreed to share documents they have developed for Wind Power; Small Hydro and Grid Base-line conditions in a cooperative effort for the development of the Standards, courtesy of an agreement reached between IEEE-SA and Natural Resources Canada. The Natural Resources Canada documents are based on a "e;cradle to grave"e; life cycle approach.


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