Dr. Massoud Amin Provides State of Reliability Opening Session Briefing at the FERC Reliability Technical Conference

Early in June 2015, IEEE Smart Grid Chair Dr. Massoud Amin provided a state of reliability report at the FERC Reliability Technical Conference. In his statements, Dr. Amin discussed the current state of the nation's electricity system and the activities, accomplishments, and challenges ahead.

Dr. Amin's remarks included acknowledging that the industry has achieved significant milestones over the past five years, with more to come. To look ahead, he highlighted key drivers for changes in the electric power sector, which include:

  • Acceleration of efficiency (energy intensity dropping 2%/yr.);
  • Distributed generation and energy resources (DG & DERs), including energy storage & microgrids;
  • More cities interested in charting their energy future;
  • District energy systems;
  • Smart Grids;
  • Electrification of transportation;
  • New EPA regulations, such as for greenhouse gases under Section 111(d) of Clean Air Act;
  • Demand response (and 3rd-party aggregation of same);
  • Combined heat & power (CHP), plus waste heat recovery; and
  • The increasingly interstate and even trans-national nature of utilities (and contractors too, which leads to security concerns).

Read Dr. Amin's entire FERC conference keynote.

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