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While at the 2011 Smart Grid World Forum, recent IEEE Standards Association president Chuck Adams shared insights on some of the unique processes and challenges that are and will be part of Smart Grid development over the next decades.

The system of systems that is Smart Grid will require a new paradigm in standards development, an open consensus process involving Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) the world over. The current challenge is to move technologies to the marketplace expeditiously, a transition requiring not only that SDOs work together to ensure standards are ready and available, but also that key participants including utilities and consumers understand and are ready to make this move.





Hello, I'm Chuck Adams. I'm the recent president of the IEEE Standards Association, and I'd like to share with you insights into the Smart Grid.

The Smart Grid is a new paradigm in standards development, as it addresses a complex ecosystem bringing together multiple participants across several industries as well as individuals representing the environments that these technologies will need to embrace.

The Smart Grid is actually a system of systems addressing multiple technologies, ranging from power, to communications, to information technology, to automotive technology, to consumer appliance technology, centra technology, as well as many others.

The IEEE model is an appropriate environment to bring these technologies together with the multiple environments and technologies that the IEEE supports. Within the IEEE Standards Association, we have more than 20,000 participants supporting over 1,400 standards. It's an open consensus process, and it's a process that works with other SDOs around the world.

2030, the recent standard that addresses the Smart Grid architecture and infrastructure, has recently been announced by the Standards Association. It's a guide for future standards development, and it's a guide that will continue to evolve as new requirements are identified and brought forth.

The challenge is the future. The challenge is moving these technologies to the marketplace in an expeditious manner. The challenge is SDOs globally working together to ensure these standards are ready and available for the marketplace. And, the challenge is to ensure that utilities, and consumers, have the understanding and the knowledge and are prepared to move these technologies into the marketplace. The IEEE looks to be a trusted partner in this process and looks to support this process as the Smart Grid evolves over the next several decades. Thank you.

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