Guy Vekemans, Strategic Developer, Smart Cities – VITO-Energyville

Power Plus Communications – Cellular organisms to connect smart buildings with Smart Grid – E-energy project – Smart City Mannheim

An interview with Laurent Schmitt: Alstom, Shaping the Smart Grid.

Thought leaders on the temporary technologic and economic barriers to mass-market adoption of plug-in hybrids, EVs and mild plug-in hybrids.


The Smart Grid involves the use of communications and computing technology to transmit and distribute energy more efficiently. This video describes the smart grid and how it will reduce our carbon footprint through energy efficiency and the integration of renewable sources of energy.


Steve Widergren, an editor of IEEE's Transactions on Power Systems, shares his thoughts about what the Smart Grid will look like in the near and long-term future.

sgday video

Highlights of Smart Grid Day at T&D Conference 2012 featuring Wanda Reder, IEEE Smart Grid Day Chairperson.


Our next interview is with Bill Ash, Strategic Program Manager for the IEEE Standards Association. Bill discusses the impact of standards on the Smart Grid in the United States and worldwide.


The next video in our interview series features Patricia Arsene, a project officer at DG INFSO, the Directorate General for Information Society and Media. She shares with us insights about her work and about power engineering careers.


Olle Hansson, Project Manager at Fortum, a provider of sustainable energy solutions in Nordic countries, Russia and the Baltic Rim area, is our next guest in the IEEE Smart Grid Expert Spotlight series. In this video interview, Olle addresses climate change – lowering CO2 emissions and the use of renewable energy. In addition, he provides insightful examples of Smart Grid pilot projects underway in Sweden.

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