Operations Committee

IEEE Smart Grid Operational Committees play a key role in the Initiative. Each committee will have a Chair. Committee volunteers may volunteer to do a mini election within their committees to select a Committee Chair or the Committee Chair may be appointed by Chair of IEEE Smart Grid. Committee volunteers will serve two year terms beginning on May 1. The Committee Chair will be responsible for appointing volunteers to serve on the Committee and will work with the Project Manager to achieve this. The Committees will be comprised of approximately 8 to 12 members.

Operational Committees will have the following primary responsibilities:
Meet on a regular monthly/bi-weekly basis in an effort to:

  1. Identify Smart Grid related content
  2. Promote existing Smart Grid related content
  3. Encourage multi-Organizational Unit participation
  4. Make contact with lead person in each IEEE Organizational Unit, establish communications with them
  5. Connect expertise back to the IEEE Smart Grid community to facilitate advancements in Smart Grid transformation

Volunteers have the option to sit on any of the following Operational Committees:

  1. Education
  2. Marketing
  3. Meetings & Conferences
  4. Policy Technical Support
  5. Publications
  6. R&D
  7. Standards

Each Committee is distinct in its own way, but also serves as a feeder to other committees for content and collaboration.

To join as a Member, please email IEEE Smart Grid Project Manager Phyllis Caputo at p.caputo@ieee.org .