Publications Committee


  • Promote and support IEEE Smart Grid newsletter by providing article, special issues and content. 
  • Bring disciplne to the understanding of smart grid domains and areas
  • Support Smart Grid related articles in existing publications and explore special issues in for example, IEEE Spectrum, Organizational Unit publications.


  • Socialze and promote smart grid domains and areas
  • Support all Organizational Unit are participating in special issues.  
  • Review and identify related Smart Grid publications being produced by existing IEEE OUs and give them visibility by selective publication in Smart Grid Newsletter. 
  • Portal interface to Xplore - find abstracts of smart grid related articles. 
  • Support otherCommittee for development of new products, for example: support exploring potential new collaborative products such as an annual “Best of Compendium”. 
  • Make contact with Publications lead in each IEEE Organizational Unit, establish communications with them.

To join as a Member, please email IEEE Smart Grid Project Manager Phyllis Caputo at .