R&D Committee


  • Engage in identifying emerging pivotal R&D areas in the Smart Grid related domain and engage the broader IEEE societies in all pertinent areas for collaboration. 
  • Support and collaborate with public/private enterprises to assess priority areas and disseminate Smart Grid and sustainable energy research and implementation strategies.


  • Evaluate Smart Grid and related technology road maps to relate technology developments in the IEEE Organizational Units.
  • Look at technology roadmaps, identify needs and directions going on, want a view of the technical landscape and direction. 
  • Survey the R&D activities of all IEEE Organizational Units involved in and collaborate – Technical Activities/Emerging Technologies/Standards contact – liaise and be active with those people from each Organizational Unit. Find out what everyone is doing and promote it – challenge them to represent what is going on in the R&D portions of all IEEE Smart Grid participating Organizational Units – survey and promote.
  • Initiate collaborations where there are gaps – identify a research direction/need – identify opportunities to collaborate and fill gaps. 
  • Make contact with lead R&D lead in each IEEE Organizational Unit, establish communications with them.

To join as a Member, please email IEEE Smart Grid Project Manager Phyllis Caputo at p.caputo@ieee.org .