Technical Activities Committee


  • Focus on new technologies that are close to adoption and deployment
  • Interact with Smart Grid stakeholders (IEEE and non-IEEE) on inter-disciplinary technical topics
  • Closely collaborate with the IEEE Smart Grid R&D Committee on tracking technologies that are becoming mature from a research perspective
  • Closely collaborate with IEEE-Standards Association (SA), absorbing the scope of the existing IEEE Smart Grid Standards Committee


(1)    Technical Area

  • Track technical development of new technologies that are close to adoption and deployment
  • Interact with IEEE and non-IEEE stakeholders on inter-disciplinary technical topics
  • Coordinate with the IEEE Future Directions Committee (FDC) on Smart Grid and inter-disciplinary initiatives, e.g. Internet of Things, Big Data, Cyber Security, etc.
  • Work with IEEE Smart Grid R&D Committee to track the evolutionary changes in the Smart Grid as R&D approaches the implementation and deployment stage

(2)    Standards Area

  • Track the present standards to make sure they are current and up-to-date as far as the existing technologies are concerned.
  • Look ahead in the short term to prepare for the incremental evolution of the standards to keep track with the evolving Smart Grid reality
  • Make contact with lead Standards person in each IEEE Organizational Unit
  • Promote Smart Grid related standards
  • Facilitate transition from R&D to standardization and commercialization
  • Provide early guidelines for standard development as the R&D work is becoming mature
  • Coordinate with the IEEE SA on necessary changes in existing standards, as well as, forecast future standard developments that may be necessary

To join as a Member, please email IEEE Smart Grid Project Manager Phyllis Caputo at .