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IEEE Grid Vision 2050

This document describes the IEEE PESs vision of the power system infrastructure into the year 2050. This document sets the stage and includes future scenarios, electricity generation (Make), electricity transmission and distribution (Move), and electricity usage (Use). It also covers the related Operations and Control issues. The document uses scenarios from the International Energy Agency (IEA), which defines future energy availability, production and usage into the year 2050.

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IEEE Grid Vision 2050 Reference Model

The IEEE Grid Vision 2050 Reference Model summarizes the main concepts defined in the IEEE Grid Vision 2050; such as, reference models for energy usage, energy delivery, and energy operations and control.

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IEEE Grid Vision 2050 Roadmap

The goal of this roadmap is to stimulate discussion and challenge ideas around the deployment of power and energy technologies. The IEEE PES (Power & Energy Society) Horizon 2050 team gives a general indication of when technologies could be expected for deployment, and the team takes a step forward and tries to group research and standard development needs for the required power and energy technologies in the future.

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IEEE Grid Vision 2050: Vision, Reference Model and Roadmap Bundle

This bundle contains three documents: IEEE Grid Vision 2050, IEEE Grid Vision 2050 Roadmap, and IEEE Grid Vision 2050 Reference Model. The IEEE Grid Vision 2050 describes the IEEE Power & Energy Societys (PES) vision of the power system infrastructure into the year 2050.

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IEEE Vision for Smart Grid Communications: 2030 and Beyond

This document provides a vision of the communications-related aspects of the Smart Grid in the year 2030, and lays out the technology roadmap that will lead us to the vision. This document starts with some basic knowledge of the power grid and follows up with fundamental building blocks for the communication infrastructure that will accompany the Smart Grid. Subsequently, network architectures, including overlays, are discussed at length. Also discussed, are important issues such as standards, regulations, security, and disruptive technologies. The last part of this document discusses emerging technologies such as the solid state transformer, wireless beamed power, and quantum key distribution. Throughout the document, a careful distinction is made between communications capabilities and the specific technologies that are required to support those capabilities.

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IEEE Smart Grid Vision for Computing: 2030 and Beyond

This document is focused on computing technologies and the role they will play in the future electric grid. The computing technologies identified by the Computer Society Smart Grid Vision Project (CS-SGVP) team span many computing disciplines and do not necessarily represent all technologies that will shape the Smart Grid. Various projections of how Smart Grid concepts will influence power systems were considered. These projections span bulk transmission systems to isolated islands of local generation, as well as different demand side participation concepts.

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IEEE Vision for Smart Grid Controls: 2030 and Beyond

This document highlights the role of control systems in the evolution of the Smart Grid. It includes an overview of research investigations that are needed for renewable integration, reliability, self-healing, energy efficiency, and resilience to physical and cyber attacks. These investigations are encapsulated in several loci of control including: new methodologies for transmission, distribution, and renewable energy, and storage; new roles in emerging topics such as electricity markets, demand-response, microgrids, and virtual power plants; and new solutions for efficiency, heating and cooling, and security.

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IEEE Foundations for Smart Grid Digital Subscription

Access the standards providing key foundational research for smart grid technology.

  • Includes 20+ IEEE standards named in the NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards
  • Access 99 active standards, 58 active drafts, and 116 archival editions of standards and drafts
  • Robust search tools powered by the intuitive IEEE Xplore digital library
  • E-mail alerts and updates regarding new standards and drafts
  • IEEE Redline Versions of Standards

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IEEE 802 Recommendations on IEEE 802 Related Smart Grid Standards

This document provides a list of standards related to the Smart Grid and provides help in the following areas:

  • IEEE-SA activities relating to the Smart Grid and Technologies
  • IEEE 802 activities in the Smart Grid
  • SGIP activities in establishing Smart Grid Catalog of Standards (CoS)

IEEE 802 Recommendations on IEEE 802 Related Smart Grid Standards (PDF)

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