P1815.1 - Standard for Exchanging Information Between Networks Implementing IEC 61850 and IEEE Std 1815 (Distributed Network Protocol - DNP3)

This document specifies the standard approach for mapping between IEEE Std 1815 (Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3)) and IEC 61850 (Communications Networks and Systems for Power Utility Automation). Two primary use cases are addressed; A) Mapping between an IEEE Std 1815 based master and an IEC 61850 based remote site and B) Mapping between an IEC 61850 based master and an IEEE Std 1815 based remote site. Mapping aspects included in the standard are: conceptual architecture; general mapping requirements; the mapping of Common Data Classes, Constructed Attribute Classes and Abstract Communication Service Interface (ASCI); cyber security requirements, the architecture of a gateway used for translation and requirements for embedding mapping configuration information into IEC 61850 System Configuration Language (SCL) and DNP3 Device Profile. This specification addresses a selection of features, data classes and services of the two standards.

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