Year in Review: Education Committee

The mission IEEE Smart Grid (SG) program continues as a leading provider of globally recognized resources of smart grid information. By collaborating stakeholders from various disciplines, IEEE Smart Grid leverages their common interest in developing a future grid infrastructure, envisioned by professionals dedicating their time and effort towards our goal; an infrastructure on which we can relay to absorb the extensive advanced technologies, to serve humanity in an evolutionary lifestyle.

Within IEEE SG Education committee, we pride ourselves on our mission of generating educational material. The IEEE Smart Grid Resource Center is enriched with webinars on a wide horizon of smart grid applications. Our content is focused on the state of the art and extends into future envisioned topics, inducing practical ideas that expand the boundaries of Smart Grid.

This year, we successfully met our target of 24 peer-reviewed webinars on topics across SG domains; ensuring high-quality content provided by respected professionals. We continuously encourage our speakers to identify and pinpoint the gaps in SG research and development, and their vision to a solution. Following a webinar, our speakers are thankfully supporting their webinars with an interview in which they answer questions on the presented topic. With the increasing number of global attendance, we are obliged to accommodate our attendees from the other half of the globe, by providing live replays according to their time zone.

In our tutorials, we provided two multi-session tutorials on Modern Standards Driving Smart Grid Design, provided by Doug Houseman, and tutorial on Technology advances beyond smart grid, provided by John McDonald. As we did in 2018, our committee is focusing on the interests of region and chapters, providing educational content of webinars and mostly tutorial. We’ve received encouraging feedback for such effort, to the extent to create sessions for university student chapters and institutional clients, targeting their educational needs on certain research fields.

This year, we are delighted to announce that our content in the resource center is now easily discoverable on the recently launched IEEE Learning Network (ILN); a platform for all IEEE continuing education content.

I would like to thank our committee members and reviewers for their time and effort, providing insights to our future topics, and sharing their network of presenting professionals. A special recognition goes to our program manager, Phyllis Caputo, for her outstanding effort in generating ideas and making everything a reality.

As we are looking forward to another successful year, the fact that we are in need of everyone’s support and encourage our professionals to submit their applications to become part of our proud pool of speakers. Please keep in mind that your feedback and comments are our major source of improvement. Thank you and happy new successful year.

Salam Bani-Ahmed, PhD
Chair, IEEE Smart Grid Education Committee

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