December – Year in Review

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Written by Kaveh Aflaki

The vision of the IEEE Smart Grid as the world’s largest and most comprehensive professional association in Smart Grid is to bring together IEEE’s broad array of technical societies and organizations through collaboration to encourage the successful rollout of technologically advanced, environment-friendly, and secure smart-grid networks around the world. To achieve this vision, in 2021, IEEE Smart Grid formalized a process to create virtual panel discussion sessions that provide an opportunity for industry experts to share information and discuss industry events or challenges such as solving them or presenting strategies. The virtual panel discussions are recorded and available on the IEEE Smart Grid Resource Center. Read a summary of the latest panel.


Written by Panayiotis (Panos) Moutis

The year that is closing to its end has been a challenge and an opportunity in terms of the Smart Grid for many different reasons. I will point out two matters that have preoccupied my thoughts and my planning as the chair of the Publications Committee of the IEEE Smart Grid Community. One the one hand, the global pandemic has peaked for the second time after 2020, but thankfully some containment has been achieved thanks to the vaccines made available to the world. On the other hand, multiple new net zero energy sourcing pledges have been made, while, in the US, two big pieces of legislation relevant to decarbonization have been heavily debated with the one already passed and the second one approaching the finish line.


Written by Peter Wung

As the year 2021 draws to a close, I would like to thank the IEEE Smart Grid volunteers and staff for their stubbornness and resilience in persisting onward with our passion and pursuing the hard work that these times had called for these last two years.

Written by Michael J. Dood

I would like to begin by introducing myself as the new chair of the Smart Grid Education Committee. My name is Mike Dood and I am employed by Schweitzer Engineering Labs as a principal engineer.  My primary responsibility is supporting our communications, security, and automation product lines. Within the IEEE, I am currently an active member of the both the Power System Relay and Control committee and the Power System Communications and Cybersecurity committee. I am looking forward to working with you to provide great educational content to support and grow our industry.

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