A Special Issue on the Customer Domain

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By Sean Morash and Doug Houseman

Demand Response (DR) is a growing concern for the industry. Few people have actually done demand response program design from the beginning. The article covers questions that are key to designing a good demand response program that will pass regulatory review. The article is a summary of the 4 session “Designing Demand Response” Webinar that IEEE PES ran in November and December 2016.

By Mihai Sanduleac

In April 2015 the Horizon 2020 project Nobel Grid announced the unbundled smart meter, an architectural systematization in which smart meter functionalities are adequately grouped in two separate (unbundled) parts, making the ensemble both metrology-proof and highly flexible. Lessons learned during the period of design, as well as technologies applied for preparing the project rollout scheduled for 2017 are now presented. Moreover, two new European projects – WiseGRID and SUCCESS will use and extend the functionalities, allowing a more flexible, complex and secure meter, with the aim to increase the security of critical energy infrastructures based on smart metering.

By Vamsi K. Pathipati and Sheldon S. Williamson

With the introduction of various autonomous modes of electric mobility, the face of the global transportation industry is on the verge of a major change. Autonomous electric vehicles (AEVs) are essentially EVs with self-driving capability, propelled by battery-powered electric drivetrains .

By Xiaomei Wu and Loi Lei Lai

In recent years, as a new means of transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) have been more highly valued by the international market because of their advantages of energy saving and emission reduction. This article analyzes electric vehicles development trends, including the use of renewable energy as a charging resource. It also includes discussion of a demonstration project of how EVs provide backup capacity to suppress load fluctuation.

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