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By Mehrdad Boloorchi

Historic lack of a prudent ecosystem management and rapid increase in the atmospheric concentration of CO2 after first industrial revolution and its acceleration after the second industrial revolution resulted in CO2 surplus far beyond the World biological capacity to absorb and extract. Figure 1 shows the surge in CO2 concentration especially after the second industrial revolution and within last decade.

By Paul Acchione

Ontario, Canada recently completed a 90% reduction in emissions from its electrical power system. However, all zero-emission electrical power systems produce significant amounts of surplus clean electricity. The current practice in most jurisdictions is to curtail the excess production of electricity. This article suggests retail price reforms and smart grid functionality that can allow consumers to effectively use that surplus clean electricity to reduce emissions in other sectors.

By Mingyu Yan, Hamid Arastoopour and Mohammad Shahidehpour

The excessive CO2 emission has resulted in major challenges for the development of a sustainable human society. CO2 emissions contribute to the climate change and global warming, and the recurrent of more intense natural disasters (e.g., hurricanes, floods, fires, ice storms). Fossil-fueled power generation contributes to over 40% of hazardous emissions globally, and proper mitigations of CO2 emissions can intensify the decarbonization of our communities.

Written by Mehdi Moghadasi

An Interview with Seyedmahdi (Mehdi) Moghadasi, senior technology architect for Open Access Technology International Inc.'s Smart Grid department.

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