A Special Issue on Transmission

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 By Sally Jacquemin

Microgrids have certainly become one of the power industry’s “hottest” topics due to several market and business drivers that include decentralized energy investment and positive financial impact of on-site power generation. There is significant value that can be realized through microgrid deployment by looking at new operating models including intelligent software advancements and remote microgrid control.

 By Peter Kohnstam

As the power grid continues to become more complex with the introduction of new generation, both on-grid and decentralized, and the proliferation of sensors and data collection, transmission grid planning becomes extremely challenging. New solutions, including hardware and software, are needed to ensure the reliable transmission of power throughout the network while still conducting accurate outage planning.

 By Bo Yang, Frank Kreikebaum, and Debrup Das

After the establishment of the transmission power systems (TPSs) a century ago, bulk grids are challenged by aging infrastructure, penetration of intermittent renewable generations, the changing nature of loads, and regulatory reforms. Power companies turn to advanced grid monitoring and control technologies for help, which drives various emerging industry trends orchestrating control, power electronics, communications, and information technologies.

 By Farel Becker and Gaston Ortega

Different solutions for non-conventional instrument transformers (NCIT) have been developed and are now available for use in high voltage gas insulated switchgear. Special electronic devices, called merging units, have been developed for the pre-processing and merging of signal in accordance with the IEC 61850-9-2 standard. This ensures the compatibility as well as interoperability of any protection device with the appropriate digital interface. The article describes the benefits NCIT technologies and IEC 61850 process bus technologies for use in high voltage gas insulated switchgear.

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