Smart Grid, Renewables, and Green Transportation

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By Rao Konidena

Can you imagine what happens to all the excess renewables generation when you are sleeping? This surplus generation during low consumer demand leads to something called negative pricing at the wholesale energy market level. The solution - a pathway towards clean energy transportation to store all that renewable energy in the form of hydrogen using a simple chemical process called electrolysis.

By Ernesto Alejandro A, Claudio Lima, and Elizabeth Escobar-Fernandes

The proposed approach evaluates applicability of transactive energy with the implementation of distributed ledger technology to provide an insight into the architecture available for residential energy transactions and evaluate the performance in terms of energy cost, energy efficiency, and environmental performance. The goal is to upgrade a typical power distribution network for a residential application on a ring bus topology and enable distributed transactive nodes to trade energy according to the end user’s preference in terms of cost, usage and environmental performance [1,3].

By Ahmed Mohamed, Andrew Meintz, and Kevin Walkowicz

Proper system planning and design of in-motion charging for electric vehicles has the potential to allow vehicles to realize charge-sustaining operation – which we define as unlimited driving range and zero downtime – at minimum overall cost. There is a tradeoff between system power and road coverage. Low-power systems require a significant proportion and extent of roads to be electrified, which increases the infrastructure cost. High-power systems require high-power density components, which require research to overcome existing technology limitations.

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