Smart Grid and Energy Storage Technologies

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By Bence Bereczki, István Táczi, István Vokony, Sándor Kertész, István Vajk, Gábor Gabro, Bálint Hartmann

Energy storage is clearly a key technology both in the integration of renewable energy sources and aiming to reach the smart grids infrastructure. One of the key challenges besides the technical developments and market model issues, is the regulatory environment – a complex framework is required for fair and efficient use of those systems.

By Sam Salem, Ph.D., MBA 

The cost-effective approach to large-scale electric energy storage is to minimize the need for it.  A smart grid would constantly adjust the electricity demand, instead of only adjusting the electricity in response to unpredictable demand.

By Charles Vartanian, Jan Alam, and Eric Hsieh

As more variable and distributed energy resources (DER) gain market share, the relative amount of traditional generation is decreasing. One impact from the changing resource mix is loss of grid stabilizing inertia. As DER displace synchronous generation, there may be times of insufficient system inertia to 1) arrest frequency decline, and then 2) stabilize system frequency following a power system disturbance. On the other hand, there are some DER, including appropriately designed demand response and energy storage that can support power system frequency recovery, extend frequency stability margins, and thus improve overall grid reliability. However, providing grid stabilizing inertial-support using energy storage is not yet an established industry practice.

By Hamidreza Nazaripouya, University of California, Riverside (UCR)-Winston Chung Global Energy Center (WCGEC)

DESS can contribute in preventive activities before wildfire events, in corrective and proactive responses during the course of wildfire events, and in restorative actions after wildfire events to reduce the impact of wildfires on electricity grids.

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